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Some of our 24+ couples!


Choongnam + Rebecca

Zeth + Andrea

Madison + Audrey

Why did you attend?

I decided to attend the retreat because it seemed like the most hopeful event as far as finding like-minded people who grew up in this faith, interested in seeking a long term, committed relationship. Plus, I have never been to a singles retreat before, and thought it would be fun just to say I’ve been to one, and knew enough friends that were attending that I could feel comfortable being amongst good company.
I’m single and wanted to meet some ladies! But seriously, I heard there were going to be 70+ attendees and thought it would be a great environment to break the ice and make a new friend.
I attended the retreat to set aside some time to be reflective about my life of faith and my future in the context of the greater Unificationist community. I also wanted to connect with others and hear their stories around these same ideas.
I felt that 24+ connect had a great staff that wanted to help their peers by providing a new way to meet others from all over the world.
I attended last year’s 24+ workshop as a way to meet and re-connect with other second generation my age. It was a great opportunity to get away for the weekend in a very scenic environment and possibly meet someone I would want to start a relationship with.
I attended the program not only to try and find a good match to possibly get to know better and see where it goes, also I went for good tips on being a good person/match for others.
My favorite part was the talk that a guest professor gave. His speech was very interesting/helpful. My second favorite part was meeting good people for new occasions; I made family friends over that weekend.
I wanted to meet new people that come from the same background but have different stories. My main goal was to learn about myself and meet new people with different points of view. I believe that there is nothing better than meeting people who can give you affirmation in who you are but to also challenge yourself and what you believe.

What was your favorite part?

My favorite part about 24+ connect was meeting new people as well as reconnecting with friends that I haven’t seen in years. It had a comfortable atmosphere with a loose structure. Nice environment to meet people. Most of the talks were informative and enlightening. What a retreat should be.
The structure of the retreat was great for connecting with a diverse spread of the attendees, making it easy to network. It was also great to have Rev. Thompson at the retreat not only to speak, but also to answer any and all questions. His perspective and transparency is really refreshing.
I think for me, the best part were the moments when I was able to go off and have great heart to heart talks with people. And just being in nature was just amazing.
The whole program was enjoyable because of the atmosphere the staff creates, but I enjoyed meal times because it gave me an opportunity to sit down and meet someone new in a relaxed setting.
My favorite part was the beach day because thats where I first got to hang out one-on-one with my now spouse, Dan.

Who would you recommend to attend this program?

That’s a hard question because I think that a lot of people went for very different reasons and that’s OK. Some people were uber gungho about learning about and getting matched, others just wanted to see their friends, others were just mildly curious as to who’s out there and some, like me, wanted an escape and to meet new people. So I guess I would say anyone over 24 who wants to enjoy nature and possibly experience something positive should go. I’m not looking for a spouse, if it happens in its own good time, then great. I’m looking for genuine friendships and relationships first. You never know what will come your way with an open mind and heart.
I would recommend this to anyone who is feeling conflicted, confused, or stuck about the matching or about their place in the Unificationist community. It was a great place to be reflective and hear from others. Or to anyone who just wants to meet awesome people from all over the world.
I would recommend this program to someone who is willing to put church concepts to the side and treat this weekend as an icebreaker. Don’t expect you will leave the weekend initiating a matching process, don’t put that pressure on yourself. The program is an opportunity to be curious in other people, and make some friends. Eventually that friendship may become something more. That’s how it worked for me anyway.
Anyone looking to meet cool people and to gain some new insight on self-improvement and relationships.
I would suggest anyone who is looking for a good partner match and also anyone who just wants good life tips in general and tips on being a good loving person to all–even yourself.
I think anyone who is open minded and interested in meeting new people while exploring a different part of the country should attend. The retreat provided a relaxed environment to meet and hang out with friends old and new.
There are all sorts of people who come from all walks of life, and every single one of those people are God’s children, and every single one of those people deserve to find someone who they can fully love, and be loved by. People are constantly discouraged by the limited chances to meet amazing people within the same faith, but this retreat allows similar ages, and interests to come together to network and get to know people from around the world. If you are unsure about attending or not, I highly recommend you at least check it out once. Life is too short to regret missed connections because of fear. If you want something in life, you go up to it and drop a line like, “you’re so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up lines.