Q & A


Q: How can I contact the staff or get more information? 

A: Reach out to us at 24connectretreat@gmail.com or on the 24+ Connect Facebook page. 

Q: Who is this retreat for?

A: This retreat welcomes all individuals 24-39 years of age, who are single, and part of the greater Unificationist community who are open to building new friendships, networking and are interested in the possibility of finding a potential life partner.

This retreat is not geared towards any “generation.” It’s about building connections, and we encourage all potential participants to let go of any labels and simply come to build relationships, and make friends with members of the same national and international community.

Q: Where will this retreat take place?

A: 220 Cloister Ln, Aptos, CA 95003

Q: What will be different for returning participants?

A: Participants are the ones who make the program. This year, we expect to have both new and returning participants from all over the country. In addition, the setting will be in the redwood forrest, with a whole new variety of activities, speakers, and activities from last year. We will be incorporating new activities based on feedback from last year.

Q: How are the participant costs decided?

A: The costs are decided based on the cost of the facility, programming and staffing, and through generous subsidies from national headquarters, helping keep costs at a reasonable amount.

Q: Is it okay to come with the intention of just meeting new people and not necessarily looking for someone to get matched to?

A: Yes, many participants come for a variety of reasons, sometimes not completely known to them until during the retreat. These reasons have ranged from hoping to make friends, to meeting a potential life-partner, to taking an opportunity to explore one’s beliefs. The most important thing is that individuals come with an open mind to meet and connect with others, and to have fun and enjoy surrounding nature.

Q: Can I still attend it if I don’t consider myself a Unificationist or believe in the Unificationist teachings?

A: Yes. You do not need to be a practicing Unificationist to attend, but it is important that you are comfortable with the Unificationist community and the Unificationist approach to marriage traditions and history – the frame of reference for the retreat.  

Q: For someone who is shy, will there be support for meeting new people?

A:  For both shy and outgoing individuals, we have included a mix of both deliberate and structured activities into the program to help foster communication between participants. Opportunities will be created for everyone to converse, connect and get to know each other. On the other hand, we do encourage you to create your own goals for attending and to keep in mind that this experience, like everything else, will be what you make of it.

Q: I’m at the very bottom/top of the age limit, will there be others who are the same age as me attending?

A: What we like about this program is that while the age range is quite large (24-39), age is not a major factor in the activities, outings, content etc… We encourage participants not to worry about age but to keep an open mind and connect with others based on interests, passions, goals, etc… We won’t know who’s attending until later in the year, but we hope that no matter who attends, participants are accepting of it, and open to getting to know all types of new people.