The 24+ Connect Retreat exists to provide the opportunity and resources for the greater 24+ Unificationist singles population to connect, grow together, and prepare for future relationships.

Objectives for the 2017 Summer Retreat:

  1. Connect: Participants will meet and get to know over 40 other 24+ Unificationist singles over the course of four days and three nights. They will have opportunities to connect and create community through engaging in various activities, outings, and discussions.
  2. Grow Together: Through engaging in activities, presentations and discussions, participants will have opportunities to reflect on their life experiences, and learn more about what they believe and what they want to achieve in their life.
  3. Prepare for Future Relationships: Participants will leave with new ideas of steps they can take to create the marriage and family they desire.

Vision Statement:

Our 5-year vision is to see a healthy, sustainable and growing community of 24+ individuals of the greater Unificationist community who support each other in their individual growth and preparation for creating a successful future partnership. This population will meet regularly both locally and nationally to connect, share knowledge and develop useful skills for relationships, as well as develop individual greater self-awareness.  We envision that participants will feel empowered, excited and comfortable to share their views, learn about themselves, receive feedback, and make action steps for their future. They will feel this is a positive and important community for them to be involved in and naturally welcome and encourage their friends to be a part of it. Participants will also play an instrumental role in future 24+ Connect events.

Who are the sponsors/organizers:

The 24+ Connect Community is supported by Blessing and Family Ministry (BFM) and Blessed Family Association (BFA)

Quotes from Previous Participants:

Why did you attend?

“I decided to attend the retreat because it seemed like the most hopeful event as far as finding like-minded people who grew up in this faith, interested in seeking a long term, committed relationship. Plus, I have never been to a singles retreat before, and thought it would be fun just to say I’ve been to one, and knew enough friends that were attending that I could feel comfortable being amongst good company.”

What was your favorite part?

“My favorite part about 24+ connect was meeting new people as well as reconnecting with friends that I haven’t seen in years. It had a comfortable atmosphere with a loose structure. Nice environment to meet people. Most of the talks were informative and enlightening. What a retreat should be.”

Who would you recommend to attend this program?

“I would recommend this to anyone who is feeling conflicted, confused, or stuck about the matching or about their place in the Unificationist community. It was a great place to be reflective and hear from others. Or to anyone who just wants to meet awesome people from all over the world.”